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Terms, conditions and suggestions


We provide all painting and artistic services. Decorative Painting, Regular Painting, Color Consulting,  Custom Finishes, Artwork, Event decor, We also consult in Color, Design Construction as well as designing Logos and Graphics.

Ask us about all areas of your project

  1. *We do Full Service Painting & Finishing of walls, cabinets, furniture, etc.

* Perfection in Color Consulting

* Faux, Rustic & Modern Treatments, custom or replicated

  1. *Custom art, murals, signage, Wall, fixed or moveable

  2. *Hand drawn and cut stencils and application

  3. ** Broad spectrum design consulting, finishing in all phases of construction and renovation, colors and sheens as well as wood stains, and overall decor, furniture placement, tile design ectera.

  4. *Event support; signage, atmosphere, decorations, woman-power

  5. *Assistance with exterior elements. Doors, windows, stone, pavers, fencing, roofing ect.

  6. *Assistance with interior elements. hardware, electrical, tile and stone, countertops, floors ect,

  7. ** Personal shopping, decision making, and general 2 cents

Suggestions when meeting for Consulting Services
Try to gather as many elements pertaining to your area and have them available at the time of meeting. ie. fabrics, floor, stone, tile
If there are elements that come in limited or standard colors please try to have those options as well. This is important so we can work with them
If this a new area, please try and bring pictures of furniture you are considering. If you are moving, try and bring a pictures of your previous home elements, and the things you are keeping so I can see your style and help you acheive a new and wonderful outcome.


Rates and terms

  1. Bullet Consulting = $75 per hour  (depending on size of project sample and gathering time is negotiable)

  2. BulletArtork and Faux finishes = $40 to $75 per hour

  3. Bullet We connect you with our Fantastic Painters

Regular painting and prep= $35 to $ 45 per hour depending on our trusted available sub-contractors

  1. Bullet Cost of materials will be added to bill.

  2. Bullet Samples will be billed at above rates. If I have colors on hand then there will be no charge for materials. Labor rates apply

  3. BulletAll verbal or written contracts will be billed upon completion or every two weeks...(whichever comes first) Payment are due upon reciept:)

Highlights of Services We Provide

Contact Lisa at
Phone- 831-595-2819
email- paintqueen@gmail.com

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