Paint and Prep : Kevin Short, Chris Fitzgerald, Remedios Osornio Design & Finish: Lisa Haas, Sunshine Jackson & Natalie Taggart Monterey Penninsula, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Santa Lucia Preserve, Carmel Highlands, Big Sur, and Salinas Painting (pān'tĭng)v. - The process, art, or occupation of  coating surfaces with paint. Faux finishes. Fresco. Grisaille. Trompe l’oiel Grottesca. Scagliola. Glazing. Gilding. Stencils. Patinas. Venetian plaster. Marbleizing. Wood graining. Metallic finishes Lime wash. Crackle and Craquelure. Waxing. Frottage. Distressed finishes. Murals. Artwork. Color & Design Consulting Cabinets Doors Exterior finishes Metallic Murals Interior Glazing Lettering Stencil treatments Distressed wood Fireplaces Beams Colored plaster Faux Finishing Carmel Point Villa Dulce De Tierra Fourtane Estate Jewelery Al Saroyan Master Builder The Campbell Collection Luxury HomeStyle by-the-sea Carmel Magazine Monterey Coast Weekly Jan de Lu